Steps to Making the Best Explainer Video

Explainer videos require many experts for a successful outcome. Typically, an explainer video production crew includes; a Sound-Effects Artist, an Animator, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Voiceover Artist and a Scriptwriter. They are essential during this process.

These are the steps taken when shooting an explainer video.

   1.Understand the clients need and requirements

This is an important step, understand the clients brief. What do they need? You can use a questionnaire filled by a client or even be open to comments. The scriptwriter is the one that does this task, in case of misunderstandings, a meeting is planned for them.

   2. Research and Brainstorming

After gathering all the requirements, additional research is conducted so that the business is well understood. The summary is then given to the storyboard artist and the animation artist. After they know they create the video’s script together with the scriptwriter.

   3. Scripting and voice over

After thorough discussion, the created script is sent to the client so that they can approve. If approved the script is recorded which will be played in the background while filming the video.

   4. Illustrations and storyboard

Storyboarding involves merely sketching the details of the video; it is done referring to the final script. Once again after storyboarding, the results are sent to the client to be approved.

   5. animation and sound effects

After approval from the client, the animation process begins. Animation process is not easy, and therefore it takes a lot of time. Of course, it is done referring to the final and approved the script. The clients recording at this stage is perfected. The animation and the client’s voice cover are finally combined to form the video. The sound effect is then added to make the video livelier.

   6. presentation

After the approval of the client, together with the document, the video is released.

If you want to produce the best-animated video, you should keep in mind that, whatever style you want to use in creation, the production uses so much time. Therefore, if you’re going to make the best video, then you have to give the production team enough time to make a video of the best quality. With so much hurry, the video will not be as you like it to be and your clients will not get what you want to put across well. You will also need to invest so much for the best video.