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What to consider when buying a gas hob.

Once a gas hob, always a gas hob. But which factors should you bear in mind when it's time to buy a new one? To ensure you cover all the bases, our team of Bosch experts compiled a helpful list of 8 questions to ask yourself when buying a new gas hob. Explore them below!

Gas or induction hob? Get a Bosch gas hob and enjoy:

  • An incomparable cooking experience
  • Just the layout and design you want
  • Favourite-pot compatibility

Bosch gas hob with FlameSelect in a modern white kitchen shows the advantages of cooking with gas.

8 essential questions for gas hob buyers.

1. Burners – what's the magic number?

Bosch 90-cm, 5-burner black gas hob with dual-flame wok burner on the left side, with lit flames.
A 75-cm wide, 5-burner black gas hob from Bosch. Dual-flame wok burner in the centre is lit.
A Bosch 60-cm, 4-burner gas hob in black from Series with flames lit on the right burners.
A 60-cm, 4-burner stainless steel gas hob from Bosch with a lit two-flame wok burner.
A 30-cm, 2-burner gas hob with one lit flame. The element can be combined with induction or other types of burners to create a hybrid hob.

A 5-burner gas hob with a two-flame wok burner is both beautiful
and functional. But a gas hob with 4 burners might perfectly suit
your needs. To determine the right number and types of burners, consider these key factors:

  • Space in your kitchen
  • Your cooking habits
  • Your household size

Pro tip: Want to regularly whip up elaborate meals, and have ample space at your disposal? You won't regret selecting a Bosch 5-ring gas hob.

2. Which finish suits my tastes?

A black tempered glass gas hob from the Bosch Series 6 range built in to a sleek white island.
A Bosch Series 6 stainless steel gas hob fitted in the centre of a narrow white island.
A white island featuring an elegant Bosch Series 6 gas hob in black stainless steel.
A Bosch Series 2, 4-burner hob in black enamel that's in the centre of a slim white island.
A white enamel Bosch Series 2 gas hob that's built in to a white countertop.
A two-burner black ceramic Bosch Domino gas hob installed in a white island.

Choices, choices! Glass on a gas hob is trending. An elegant black gas hob – in tempered glass or ceramic – adds a sophisticated note to the heart of your home. Meanwhile, a clean-cut white gas hob never goes out of style. For an industrial edge, there's stainless steel or black metal.

A hob is the visual centrepiece of your kitchen, so it's crucial to select one with eye appeal. After all, shouldn't your gas hob look as good as it cooks?

Pro tip: Visit a local Bosch retailer to see and touch the surfaces first-hand.

3. Dimensions – which hob size fits my kitchen?

A Bosch 75-cm black tempered glass gas hob with a full pan of simmering shrimp and vegetables in the centre.
An elegant choice – 75-cm wide with a tempered glass finish.

When it comes to gas hobs, there's no one-width-fits-all. Instead, you can choose from four widths: a 30-cm gas hob, 60-cm gas hob, 75-cm gas hob, and 90-cm gas hob. One benefit of an extra-wide, 90-cm gas hob: ample space to cook fish, boil pasta and steam broccoli at once. In the end, finding the right hob for you depends on factors like your cooking habits and the width of your lower kitchen cabinets.

Pro tip: Thinking about upgrading to a wider gas hob? Avoid disappointment by first verifying whether it fits the cutout of your kitchen cabinet. See question 7 for installation tips!

4. Is a mixed hob right for me?

A Bosch combination gas hob with a grill, induction burner and two-flame wok burner. Steak is cooking on the grill, shrimp and vegetables on the induction.
A Bosch Domino burner combines well with other elements.

Adore cooking with gas but also want to benefit from induction? A gas and induction combination hob, also known as a hybrid hob or mixed fuel hob, might be a wise choice. Flexibly mix and match a 30-cm gas hob with a wok or two burners, with induction or electric burners to build a bespoke hob.

5. How can I accurately regulate the flame?

See how Bosch gas hobs with FlameSelect takes cooking with gas to the next level.
See how Bosch gas hobs with FlameSelect takes cooking with gas to the next level.

Most Bosch gas hobs today are designed to give you full control of the flame. The advantages? A consistently high temperature to sear your steak. Or a consistently low one to make the ultimate creamy scrambled eggs. Only two of many examples.

Bosch gas hobs with FlameSelect let you precisely regulate the flame: just select from nine pre-defined power levels. So you always know exactly how strong the flame is – even though you can't see it.

Curious? See how FlameSelect works.

6. Easier cleaning – what to look for?

Open Bosch dishwasher containing dishwasher-proof pan supports from a gas hob to show easy cleaning.
A Bosch stainless steel gas hob with the a dual pan support set to the side, demonstrating how to clean the hob.
Close-up on a Bosch stainless steel gas hob highlights the smooth surface that is effortless to wipe down.
A mirror-like glass surface exemplifies how easy Bosch tempered glass hobs are to clean.

Let's be honest: even the world's biggest gas hob fans wish there were an easier way to remove the traces of last night's lip-smacking osso buco. While we can't (yet) offer you a self-cleaning hob, we do have some tips:

  • Look for a hob with dishwasher-proof pan supports. When dirty, simply run them through the dishwasher. Voilà – good as new!
  • After cooking, soak high-quality enamel pan supports in the sink. Then effortlessly wipe off the grime.
  • A glass gas hob with rounded edges is generally easier to clean. Why? Because the dirt has nowhere to collect.

Bear these tips in mind when selecting a new appliance for your kitchen.

7. What about gas hob installation?

A desktop computer showing a dimensional drawing of Bosch gas hob with the precise dimensions for gas hob installation by a professional.
Example of dimensional drawing available for each Bosch gas hob.

When selecting a new appliance, you naturally want to know how to fit a gas hob in your kitchen. First and foremost, installing a gas hob is a task for an authorised professional. But you can help ensure seamless installation by:

  • Carefully measuring the cutout in your kitchen and selecting a gas hob that fits.
  • Reviewing the installation material on each Bosch gas hob product page.
  • Knowing what type of gas you have. And ordering special nozzles, if necessary.

Pro tip: Wondering how much it costs to install a gas hob if you contract out the work? We recommend always requesting a quote in advance.

8. Accessories – what's available?

Bosch Domino gas hob with a two-flame wok burner. A wok is resting on a wok support ring, available as a Bosch accessory.
Which are your must-have accessories?

Love making espresso on the hob? What about melting chocolate for a delectable chocolate mousse? Before purchasing a new gas hob, verify that the right accessories are available to maximise your cooking experience.

Pro tip: Bosch's accessory selection leaves you wanting for nothing. From pot supports to special rings, find exactly what you need for your daily kitchen endeavours.

Bosch gas hob with a pot of stew on it, in a sleek modern kitchen representing one of many gas hobs to choose from.

Find the right Bosch gas hob.

Now that you're well informed about gas hobs, why not take the next step? First narrow down your choices. Then select a gas hob to love day after day. Year after year.

Explore all gas hobs
A Bosch oven and hob in a modern kitchen with a breakfast niche at the left represents the full range of Bosch home appliances and accessories.

An oven to match your new gas hob.

Selected a gas hob? Great. Now discover our range of high-quality ovens and other home appliances. Together they take your daily cooking adventures to the next level.

A close up of a Bosch induction hob with two pots on it, representing the decision between a gas and induction hob.

Induction hobs versus gas hobs – take a closer look.

Still deciding between a gas or induction hob? Browse our broad portfolio of high-quality, high-performance induction hobs for comparison. Whichever type you choose, you'll delight in cooking meal after delicious meal on your new Bosch hob.